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Whalar | The Crib Around The Corner

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

In 2021, to combat the lack of diversity that had permeated from traditional Hollywood into creator casting, influencer marketing agency Whalar launched The Crib Around The Corner - the first all-black creator house in LA.

Telecommunications company AT&T signed on as an early collaborator with the house, and, following its successful launch, The Crib soon went on to win Adweek's 'Creator House of The Year', describing it as: "Creator House The Crib Around the Corner Reaches an Audience Traditional Advertising Can't"

I was the global comms lead and copywriter for the launch — focusing on the client pitching phase and the pr activity.

Significant coverage:

Below is a condensed version of the initial launch pitch deck used to send to prospective clients and journalists.

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