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Video Portfolio

Curation of videos I've worked on, all in one place.

Glenfiddich Whisky | Where Next?

Role: Project Manager, Copywriter

Context: Working alongside a creative and accounts team - we developed an overarching video to embody Glenfiddich's new global brand platform, Where Next?. Aimed to recruit the next generation of Whisky drinkers, we positioned the video to capture a wave of new-luxury and progressive communications by leaning on their pioneering legacy and 'maverick' concept.


Mozilla Firefox | UnFckTheInternet

Role: Copywriter

Context: Alongside the client in Mozilla's Berlin HQ, we created a video that told the story of the non-for-profit's key 2020 campaign, #UnFckTheInternet. The goal was to drive mass awareness across key European markets around the dangers of data surveillance, Mozilla's mission to tackle it, and the campaign ROI. The video was a key marketing asset and a Cannes Lions entry.


AT&T | The Crib Around The Corner

Role: Copywriter

Context: Hero video for 'The Crib Around The Corner' - Los Angeles first all-black creator house. We wanted to tell the story of how the racial inequalities that had infected traditional Hollywood had also permeated into the creator economy. Key to our marketing strategy and awards entries, we worked alongside AT&T, The Crib's first major brand collaborator, to illustrate the undeniable business wins of investing in Black talent.

Accolades: Adweek Creator House of The Year (2021)


Universal Music Group | Whalar Sounds

Role: Copywriter

Context: One of several videos used to spearhead a multi-media comms strategy for a pioneering creator-first music service that aimed to subvert the cost and bureaucracy of traditional music marketing. Discover the full campaign here.


MAC Cosmetics | #Moodflip, Case Study

Role: Copywriter and Producer.

Goal: Distilling what real-time TikTok virality looks like. Showcase how Whalar and TikTok's (Liberating The Creative Voice x Spark Joy) mission statements are more aligned than self-appreciation and Linkedin.

Accolade: Webbies Shortlist


The United Nations | #ThePeoplesSeat

Role: Copywriter.

Aim: Showcase the virality and purpose beyond Whalar's United Nations collaboration, '#ThePeoplesSeat'. Entered for a Cannes Lions (PR).

Accolade: Gold and Silver Cannes Lions

Role: Copywriter and Producer.

Aim: Whalar had a massive 2019. I wrote copy for the end of year marketing asset. Working in a small creative team, we wanted to illustrate a year of growth whilst translating the disruptive startup culture the agency wanted to be known for.


Burt's Bees | #ForeForNature

Role: Copywriter

Aim: Case study video for a global and sustainable influencer campaign that focussed on nature, not product.


The Change Collective | Purpose-Driven Creator Marketplace

Role: Copywriter and Communications Strategist

Aim: Launched Whalar's purpose dive initiative - 'The Change Collective' - the world's first purpose-driven creator marketplace for brands.

Trends 2020 | World-First Cultural Study on Influencer Marketing Trends

Role: Copywriter, Production Manager and Data Researcher.

Aim: Hero video of a six month marketing campaign and end of year white page that showcased the world's first cultural guide to influencer marketing. I was lead copywriter for the project. By researching over 15,000 creators, we uncovered 6 key trends that would drive creator economy trends into the next decade.

  1. The Rise of Influencer Advocacy - as consumers look for solutions to social issues, they’re increasingly turning to social influencers to understand issues, connect with organizers and donate IRL.

  2. A Return to Craftwork - the democratization of creativity has bred a whole generation of self-taught artisans who learned their craft through tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, and now use these platforms to share their art and process with audiences around the world.

  3. Level Playing Field - with the Women’s World Cup and US Women’s National Team victory came a watershed moment for celebrating women’s sports and athletes online.

  4. Digital Romanticism - a return to a classic, romantic visual aesthetic as an antidote to the deluge of perfectly staged, modern design compositions that dominate today. More old style Russian landscapes, less Museum of Ice Cream.

  5. Y2K 2.0 - as digital natives mature, they’re nostalgic for more analog experiences and aesthetics, creating a growing penchant for online vintage and tech with personality.

  6. Fantasy Face - as beauty continues to dominate online, creators are celebrating bold and unapologetic creative approaches to beauty and identity online.

View the full report here.


Tech Solutions | Influencer Marketing

Role: Copywriter

Aim: Showcase Whalar's best in class tech and creative solutions.

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